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Hi, my name is Barry Zimmerman and I have been developing websites for 20 years. I keep up to date with the latest design and html trends and all my website design work is now responsive. This means that your website will be viewable on all devices, such as desktops, tablets and mobiles, allowing your website user to have the best posible viewing experience while visiting your website.

For the past 10 years I have been hand coding my websites. I much prefer the fact that I am in total control of the code, this allows me to produce clean and non obtrusive elements in the process. Maximising on the small things such as the user experience, design aspects and what to deliver when and where (such as mobile v desktop).

My skills have come a long way...

I can code html5 and css3, not bad at photoshop, can dissect code to locate problems, can handle php, know how to set up and configure an SQL database, proficient in most Content Management Systems, understand the aspects of working with wordpress, uses a text editor to code, can handle some standard unix stuff, great at problem solving, listens to what the client wants and finally always likes to work with a smile.


I follow a simple process...

Discuss web design


Design the website


Develop the code


Deploy the website


Deploy the website


Once you have your fantastic new website, you may find you need ongoing support, I provide aftercare for all my website design work. you can contact me via phone, email, social networks and also through the enquiry form. Putting your mind at ease to know you have the support once the work is done.


Want to get your project started? then please call me on 07805 254007 or fill out my detailed enquiry form


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